“Curled inside the cocoon of my soul is a butterfly in the making Just waiting to unfold its wings and fly…”.

Our vision is to change the way you treat your skin and We dedicate this brand to all the charming women - “the butterflies” who have forgotten to embrace the change. So, wake up and become the butterfly.

-Mahak Agarwal & Siddharth Agarwal

Founders, The Cocoon Shop

Our Story

“And then, God created the butterfly to remind us that change is a beautiful thing.”

The Cocoon Shop isn’t just our name or just our brand. The Cocoon Shop is a commitment to empower you to transform your own skin. Whatever your skin concern, skin goal, skin type is, we want to provide you with an exceptional blend of surprising and effective products to achieve your best and most healthy skin.

The Cocoon Shop is the ultimate beauty discovery destination to excite your senses. Our mission has always been to change for the better. “Don’t be afraid, change is such a beautiful thing”, said the butterfly. Inspired by nature, we take a lesson from the tiny caterpillar, who has the courage and faith to undergo massive change in order to transform into a gorgeous “Butterfly”! We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the change it has gone through to achieve that beauty. Although the beauty may be in the butterfly, the growth happens in the cocoon. It’s a struggle to free yourself that will give you the strength to fly. With this thought, we gather wisdom from nature and aim to provide the highest quality products. Our inspiration originates from the caterpillar to butterfly saga.

This could be your butterfly moment. Stop avoiding the change that will give you the wings. Honour your process. Give yourself and your skin time. Beauty is being comfortable in your skin and makeup is to highlight your skin, not to hide it. Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. Be cocooned in the loving energy of the universe.

Why you will trust us

We are a conscious beauty brand. We believe in making a positive impact and have a holistic approach towards beauty and skincare.

Mindful Ingredients

Plant based, paraben free and SLS free products without harmful and toxic ingredients which are gentle on the skin

Cruelty Free

Our commitment to animal welfare ensures that the products are never tested on animals


The products are created without animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.

Gender Neutrality

Our products are intended not only for women but are thoughtfully curated for men as well.